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"Implementing Sustainable Solutions: Managing Plastic Waste at 918 Coffee"

As a business, generating plastic waste is inevitable, even for environmentally conscious entities like ours, which prides itself on being the home of Eco Roast. Despite our commitment to eco-friendliness, we do generate a small amount of plastic waste, as many suppliers still have little option but to shrink wrap their products for transportation purposes. The question then arises: how do we manage it effectively?

As a part of our commitment to environmental best practice we invested in a material baler in order to recycle all of our plastic waste, compacting it into bales ready for collection and recycling.   

Once baled they are collected by our friends at Recyclify, who then ensure these materials are repurposed for future products.

When receiving products and packaging at our warehouse, we prioritize sustainability by ensuring that items are either inherently eco-friendly or can be repurposed to extend their usefulness. Embracing this ethos guarantees that products have a second life beyond their initial purpose.

 It is possible that items used in daily life have been repurposed by environmentally-conscious companies such as Recyclify.

"This is just one example of how 918 Coffee deals with the various commercial waste streams all small businesses have to face. Making a conscious decision to do the right thing is part of the responsibility of all small business owners, and should become part of your businesses working ethos and best practice” - Justin Cornelius


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