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Eco Roast Coffee - Deliciously responsible
Zero Waste Roasting technology by
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The worlds first EcoRoaster
"Eco Roast delivers a positive impact on our environment using closed loop technology and a passion for great coffee for a more sustainable future"
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About Eco Roast

Eco Roast is the technology developed by multi award winning 918 Coffee Company who started their coffee journey in 2009. At the point of opening their 3rd coffee shop and looking at the amount of used coffee waste that they were throwing away was what sparked them to look at ways to reduce this at the same time as coping with the increased demand for freshly roasted coffee for their shops. 

So in 2013 the first prototype was produced to harness the power of used coffee grounds to produce the thermal energy required to roast fresh coffee. From then it has evolved considerably to become a global award winning technology and a brand synonymous with best practice, circular economy and the environment firmly rooted in its DNA.

See the challenge we set out to resolve and the incredible steps we've made along the way to becoming the highest scoring B Corp coffee roastery on the planet and the industries leading business in sustainable and best practice coffee roasting.

Eco Roast Coffee is the trademark to look for in the fore front of ethical coffee roasting.  Eco Roast is a trading name owned and operated by 918 Coffee Co Ltd exclusively. 



400 Billion cups consumed a year globally

500,000 tonnes of coffee waste to landfill each year in the UK alone

1,800,000 tonnes of Carbon Emissions


55 Cups

55 Cups of coffee produces enough Used Coffee Grounds to make 1kg of Eco Roast fuel...

Saving 17.5p in waste disposal cost


The Eco Roast Process - Step 1

Step 1 of the Eco Roast Process - fresh coffee

The process starts with the consumer, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in a coffee outlet - the coffee outlet is collecting the used coffee grounds in special (re-purposed) containers issued to them by their supplier. These containers are then collected at the same time as the outlets next delivery of fresh coffee


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