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British Eco Coffee Roastery have achieved B Corp Certification & achieved the Highest Score in their industry Worldwide!!

918 Coffee Co now joins an international movement of companies that do business in a meaningful way, with high standards and sustainability anchored in their corporate bylaws.  While 80 points are required for B Corp certification, most companies operate an average of 51 points - 918 Coffee scored an incredible 130.3 Points making them the highest scoring Coffee Roastery in the World.

The B Corp certification is awarded by the non-profit organisation B Lab. It’s not products which are certified, but a company’s actions and overall approach. The focus is on social added value and ecological sustainability, and not maximising profits at any price. In other words, it is about the environment, biodiversity, species protection, human rights, climate protection, employees and customers. B Lab calls it ‘business as a force for good’.


918 Coffee has achieved the distinction of becoming an official Certified B Corporation (B Corp)™. ‘We are so incredibly proud to achieve this milestone and continue on our journey to provide quality Eco-Roast Coffees without damaging our environment’. In becoming a certified B Corp, 918 Coffee joins a global community of 4,000 companies in 150 industries and 74 countries dedicated to using business as a force for good.

The rigorous certification process involved an organisation-wide review of 918 Coffee Co’s social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. 

918 Coffee CEO and Inventor of Eco Roast Technology, Justin Cornelius says, “This certification is hugely important to us, it recognises the commitment we’ve always had to make decisions and implement practices that consider not just profit, but the impact on our community, the farmers, the environment, landfills and our staff.  It is very important to me and the broader 918 community that we display leadership in the Coffee Roasting sector and encourage other roasteries around the world to design business models that are compatible with the unique Eco Roast Technology.”

The standards for B Corp Certification are overseen by B Lab’s independent Standards Advisory Council which uses credible, comprehensive, transparent, and independent standards of social and environmental performance.

“When I invented Eco Roast Technology, it was because I saw the damage that used coffee grounds had on our environment and the opportunity to better use them.  This certification evidences our commitment to our mission, our environment, our staff, our suppliers and also passions for coffee and sustainability”.

B Corp Certification is a highly selective status and to maintain certification, 918 Coffee must document its positive impact to qualify and undergo verification every three years.

“The three year cycle of verification helps us to identify internal priorities and a mindset of continuous improvement for products, services, policies, and procedures.  It informs all our team and activities and gives 918 Coffee a great foundation for further growth and improvement.” 


“The 918 Coffee Way” - Our best practice today stands for a better tomorrow


Established in 2009, 918 Coffee Co are a multi award-winning coffee roaster producing deliciously responsible, zero waste coffees from around the World using our unique Eco Roast Technology.


918 Coffee are the only Coffee Roaster in the World that roasts fresh coffee beans by the power of used coffee grounds.

They strive to have a positive impact on our environment whilst going about their daily business delivering outstanding product and performance.


Their passion and focus on great coffee, innovation and the environment is the core to everything we do, and the way we do it, which has resulted in us achieving the highest recognised score for any B Corp company in our industry, something we are truly excited and proud to have achieved!


Being part of this movement shares such great synergy with our ethos as we continue to raise awareness through experience for a more sustainable future.


“Deliciously Responsible Coffee”


In the UK our coffee drinking habit and the production of instant coffee generate nearly 1 million tonnes used coffee grounds each year. These are mostly discarded in general waste and sent to landfill where they degrade and emit methane, a greenhouse gas which is 34 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. 


918 Coffee divert these used coffee grounds away from landfill and transform them into fuel for their Coffee Eco Roasters. By doing this they save 80% of the CO2e emissions vs the grounds being sent to landfill, and 70% if they were sent to an anaerobic digester.  They also eliminate the use of fossil fuels to power the Eco Roasters.


The Coffee Eco Roasters were designed and built by Company Director, Justin Cornelius, which are able to roast coffee using the power of used coffee without the need for fossil fuels. 


This pioneering technology, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions, also creates zero waste.

About B Lab

B Lab is a non-profit that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. B Lab’s initiatives include B Corp Certification, administration of the B Impact Management programs and software, and advocacy for governance structures. B Lab’s vision is of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet. For more information, visit the B Corp website.

“B Corp stands for “Benefit Corporation” and the certification proves that a company has strong commitments and results in terms of social and ecological standards. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of how their own consumption impacts the planet and society. People are, quite rightly, asking brands and companies to care. So that is an important part of the brand promise and our ethos.” 

The new B Corp status reflects 918 Coffee’s significant and continued efforts to become demonstrably more sustainable throughout the business.

B Corps meet the highest verified standards for social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. With re-certification every three years, 918 Coffee Co has embarked on a process that aims at ever higher standards and continuous improvement.

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and it is anchored in our corporate purpose. The B Corp certification helps us to communicate our high standards and philosophy worldwide. In our industry we are already recognised as the leading Eco Roasteries in the UK, we want to achieve this recognition in other countries worldwide.”.

–  Justin Cornelius, CEO of 918 Coffee Co

918 Coffee Co is also working collaboratively to prioritise standards, policies and systems across the coffee industry, and ‘walking the walk’ to a more sustainable future.

“Working sustainably, in harmony with nature, comes naturally to 918 Coffee because it has been our purpose since 2009, but that does not mean it comes easily! It takes determination, commitment, and investment – and an increasing need to substantiate and verify our progress, which is why I am so pleased we are now B Corp certified. Consumers are understandably wary of sustainability claims, with so much ‘greenwashing’ in our industry, but we are working hard to help consumers make greener, more confident planet-positive choices”.

– General Manager of 918 Coffee Co

The B Corp Manifesto

  • Together, we transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

  • Together, we lead economic systems change that will realise our vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

  • Together, we create standards, policies, tools, and programmes that shift the behaviour, culture, and structure of capitalism.

  • Together, we’re building a movement of people using business as a force for good.

  • Together, we won’t stop until all business is a force for good.

  • Together, we’re changing the rules of the game so that all businesses have to balance profit and purpose.

B Corp Score
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