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Coffee Roasting with Innovation


We are incredibly proud to announce that 918 Coffee Co were officially announced as the highest Scoring
B Corp coffee roaster in the world!


We know how important it is to be

on top of your coffee game! 


Established in 2009, 918 Coffee have been developing and roasting amazingly responsible 

coffees from around the world ever since.

Over the last 5 years 918 Coffee has become increasingly involved in the Contract Roasting, Private & White Label Coffee production side of the coffee industry. Having moved into larger premises and heavily invested in much larger equipment and additional staff, we are now able to offer a very competitive range of contract services including Contract Roasting, Private

Label & White Label Coffee Production to suit your brand and needs.

With the skills and experience we have gained over the years, coupled with our amazing Eco Roast technology,

918 Coffee's ever flexible approach to business makes us the obvious choice for your coffee partner.

Eco roast sign in the roastery above the roaster


918 Coffee's core values are an essential part to our business and

ethos, they are the foundations to our everyday and what really

sets us apart from other private & white label coffee companies. Taking

great pride in practicing and promoting these core values. 

Helping our clients to synergise with them to their own advantage.

  • Ethical

  • Responsible

  • Award Winning

  • Sustainable

  • Environmental

Our largest Eco Roaster - Called Big Green


918 Coffee pride themselves in their flexible approach to business.

Working with a very varied selection of clients, ranging from a new

startup company to coffee businesses over 100 years old. Not

asking for unrealistic minimum orders or setup charges and will

work as fast as you do on your project. 

  • Low MOQ's

  • Low Setup Costs

  • Small run prototyping

  • Fast development

  • Multiple format capabilities

  • Wide range of packaging solutions

  • Dedicated production team

  • 24/7 Online ordering capability

an image demonstrating the different colour stages between green and roasted coffee


918 Coffee have one of the most unique and eco friendly roasting solutions in the world, this coupled with our flexibility and scalability

leave no doubt that we are able to offer a very unique service to our clients.

  • Worlds only Eco Roast production facility

  • Production roasting capabilities of 2T per day

  • Speciality small batch roasting with auto profiling

  • Low minimum roasting requirements

  • Comprehensive contract roasting service

  • Roast to order service

  • Fast turnaround

  • White label products available

a picture of a bag of certified green coffee beans


918 Coffee hold over 100 different coffees in stock to choose from.

Therefore we will be able to ensure we have the right coffee

for your product. Whether a blend that requires creation or

single origin for a specific product or project.

  • Commodity Grade

  • Rainforrest Alliance

  • Organic

  • UTZ

  • Fairtrade

  • Speciality

  • Direct Trade

  • Social Impact

  • Exotic

an image of our product test zone in the roastery


918 Coffee offer a range of comprehensive support services to

assist our clients achieve the product they are looking for.

  • Blend matching

  • Blend development

  • Product testing

  • Coffee Tasting

  • Barista Training

Eco Roast Nespresso Capsules


918 Coffee have become experienced in the field of New

Product Development on behalf of our clients. Helping

them to navigate throught the pitfalls of launching new

products into various markets including Foodeservice,

Wholesale and the Retail sectors.

  • Project Management

  • Product development

  • Blend Development

  • Pack Design & Layout

  • Custom Applications

  • Range of different formats

  • Product Testing

  • Production & Distribution

  • Turnkey solutions

  • White label products available

an image showing the different types of printed labels we can produce


In todays fast pace environment, being noticed becomes

an ever harder part of your business. 918 Coffee understand these

pressures and have experience in helping customers deliver

on point products, with the right design appeal, packaging 

and marketing to suit. With our in house capabilities and our

own dedicated media team, we have the support your brand

needs to be seen and heard!

  • In house printing and foiling capabilities

  • Dedicated design team

  • Dedicated media support team

  • Comprehensive packaging ability

  • Range of different print formats

  • Scalable solutions

  • National retail product experience


If you have a product or project you would like to discuss in more detail, please get in touch with us today at Enquiries@coffeehubgroup.com or 0204 5665479