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"Is ECO Coffee the Ultimate Sustainable Solution for Your Morning Brew?"

"Often imitated, never duplicated"

918 eco roaster

The 918 Coffee Company embarked on a journey into the world of coffee in 2009, opening our first shop. As we expanded to three shops in Dorset, we realized the amount of used coffee waste we were throwing away. This inspired us to develop Eco Roast, a revolutionary technology that harnesses the energy from used coffee grounds to roast fresh batches of coffee.

Eco Roast

Eco Roast is not just a prototype anymore; it has evolved into a global award-winning brand that is synonymous with best practice, circular economy, and environmental consciousness. It's a technology that delivers a positive impact on the environment while satisfying the growing demand for fresh coffee.


Eco Roast is an environmentally friendly solution to the coffee industry's waste and carbon emissions problem. By diverting spent coffee grounds from landfills, it reduces methane production, which is 20 times more harmful to the environment than CO2. The benefits of Eco Roast are numerous, making it a sustainable and future-proof solution.

By diverting all coffee waste from landfills in the UK alone, we could save £75 million in disposal costs annually and 1.8 million tonnes of carbon emissions per year. Eco Roast technology is the way forward to creating a cleaner and more sustainable coffee future.


At 918 Coffee Company, we are proud to be the highest scoring B Corp Coffee company in the world in 2022. Our passion for great coffee and a more sustainable future is firmly rooted in our DNA. We believe that the coffee industry can make a positive impact on the environment by using closed-loop technology and circular economy principles.

In conclusion

Eco Roast is not just a technology but a solution to a growing problem in the coffee industry. It's a green solution that reduces waste and carbon emissions, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable coffee future.

Join us in our efforts to create a brighter tomorrow.


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