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A tray of Green Coffee Beans


Being the best coffee supplier is the very essence of our business and so it will come as no shock that it is one of our top priorities. As a leading coffee supplier, we are constantly monitoring our incoming and outgoing coffee for quality, consistency, sustainability and ethics.


We carry a fully comprehensive range of over 100 different coffees in our warehouse

in line with the ever changing demand of the coffee industry, this enables us to remain a leading coffee supplier in the United Kingdom.

Rest assured that all our coffee offerings carry our E.R.A.S.E  promise also.

A bag of Certified Coffee Beans

Our great coffees originated from the full spectrum of coffee producing countries of the
world, we stock both high grade certified Arabica and Robusta coffees, and a wide range of speciality grade coffees as well as some truly exceptional social impact and direct trade coffees from a wide range of origins. 
We work closely with our coffee supplier partners to ensure that the quality is maintained and to ensure that we stay current with the social projects that some of our coffees are connected with.  

This range of amazing raw coffees allows us to become your coffee supplier of choice.

Fairtrade Logo
UTZ Certified Logo
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Eco Roasted Coffee Beans in a coffee roaster cooling tray

An equally important part of our coffee supplier business is the roasting process. We have a range of drum batch roasters 2.5kg, 15kg, 30kg and 70kg batch, depending on demand and coffee type.
Each roaster is operated by hand for that extra attention to detail.
We found that the fuller flavours of drum roasting was preferable to the speed of fluid bed roasting and this is why we run multiple roasters to keep up with demand.

As you will probably already know, there is something a little special about our roasters!
Our production and speciality roasters are Eco Roasters and have been custom made
to run on reprocessed Used Coffee Grounds! Thats right, we turn the coffee industries
waste coffee into valuable fuel to generate the heat required to roast our fresh delicious coffee for our customers, there is no other coffee supplier as 'circular economy' minded as 918 Coffee Co. 

This truly unique roasting process offers a whole new level of low carbon, zero waste
to the credentials of our coffee operation, not to mention multi award winning technology, making us the most ethical, sustainable and responsible coffee supplier out there!

Eco Roast coffee sign at 918 Coffee
Eco Roast Trademark Logo
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