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  • Who collects the money from my customers?
    So, the way it works is that you create the sale online, your website collects payment from your customers and then you pay us each week for orders that have been received, so you don't have to pay out to us before you have been paid in full yourself. We will provide order fulfilment service for your website for a full week, and then invoice you on Monday for the previous week's sales and shipping. Nice and Easy - just the way it should be!
  • Do you provide the packaging?
    Yes, we provide everything you will need except the artwork. Everything else is up to us to sort! Nice and easy! We hold all the packaging in the roastery ahead of your order arrival, we offer a range of packaging options that we look to specify during your setup stage.
  • How fresh is the coffee?
    We roast fresh batches of coffee every day of the week, we roast in small batches to keep our stock turned over daily. So, in answer to your question, we aim to send your coffee out in no longer than 2 days from roasting, maybe sooner, depending on demand.
  • Can you drop ship any other products?
    We offer coffees, teas and hot chocolates to add effortlessly to your existing store.
  • Do you populate my products for me?
    No, we do not populate your products online, you or your web developer will need to do this part of the setup. Making your products stand out in the crowd is important and we recommend you put your own spin and creativity into this area. Try to keep it original and catchy. All you will need to do is fill in the product specifications, SKUs, details, images and pricing.
  • What is a SKU and do you provide them?
    An SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is the code assigned to each individual product or variation to allow identification of the products being ordered and shipped. You will create your own SKUs as per the SKU information page and add them to your website. This way our system knows what to send out when you get an order.
  • How are orders dispatched?
    Once we have received your order online through your website, we produce, pack and post it for you - direct to your customer. We ship orders out each day using both Royal Mail and Courier services, whichever is most suitable for the order received. Our Royal Mail postage is a 2nd class non tracked service and our courier service is a 24hr fully tracked service.
  • Can I order samples to try at home?
    That's an easy one! Head over to the tab on the menu and fill in the details, you will then see a link you can order your samples from where we will produce and send the products out to your nominated delivery address. We have to charge for samples, as this coffee is no different than the delicious coffee your customers will receive too. We want you to enjoy it because it tastes amazing, not because you got it for free!
  • Which E-Commerce platform should I use?
    We recommend using either Wix or Shopify, both are similar in ease of creation and use, Shopify has more compatible integration with other apps and 3rd party software, however it is a more expensive option. We have had equal success with both platforms. The integration of these platforms with our fulfilment software is seamless and ensures a smooth transaction for your customers. It is possible that other platforms will also integrate also, however we recommend asking us first to ensure we can connect successfully before you start creating.
  • Do you create my labels for me?
    I'm afraid not, this part we leave to you or your own graphic designer, as this is a very personal part of the process and we know how important it it to get it just right and so we leave this part to you. We can offer to look over any finished artwork for you to offer our thoughts and comments, however we do not create them for you.
  • Is my customers DATA secure?
    Absolutely, under GDPR and our own data compliance we are very strict about this as confidentiality is key. All your data and your downstream customer details are kept safe on our fulfilment software "ShipStation" which has its own Privacy Policy in place to further safeguard your details. For full details, please check out our Privacy Policy, available in the footer section of this website.
  • How much do labels cost to have printed?
    Ensuring your product stands out and looks awesome, getting your labels to look good is imperative and so we outsource all our label printing to ensure the right quality and finish is achieved. The cost of this is very much a sliding scales depending on how many labels you are looking to print overall. One of the benefits of digital printing is that if you have multiple variants and they are all on the same label size/format, then you can add them together to get a better overall price per label. i.e if you have 5 variants and want to print 200 of each, then we would price this at the 1000 label price break. The more you order the lower the price per label.
  • How much does it cost to get started?
    In order to get you up and running we need to get you started with ordering samples, this will be real samples for you to try and enjoy as you choose your range, you can choose as many or as little as you like and they are charged at one price which is shown through the page once you sign up. After this there is the cost of label production, this is very dependent on the volume of labels you are looking to have printed. There is an economy of scale here for cost saving. The only other cost of getting setup from us is the monthly subscription of £5+VAT, this is to keep your website connected to our order capture software.
  • Will my customer know I am dropshipping?
    NO, they won't know you have used a drop shipping service, all order details are handled by your website and all correspondence is from you or your website, including dispatch details. We DO NOT advertise, contact or promote anything direct with your customer.
  • Do you print my labels for me?
    No we do not print your labels and you need your labels pre printed by a label printer and sent to us. This produces consistency and quality in your labels. We have your labels printed and stored in our Roastery awaiting your orders. We manage your label inventory and contact you when they are running low so that you can arrange the replacement ones without delay.
  • What is Dropshipping?
    Drop shipping is the triangular relationship between the website owner (you), the manufacturer (us)and your customers (them). Your website displays your amazing Own Brand products that we produce for you super fresh, your website captures orders and payments from your customers and our system talks to your website, so when an order comes through, it automatically generates the dispatch paperwork with us and we pack and post it for you, direct to your customer. The customer receives their coffee super quickly and hopefully re-orders again with you next time. You don't have to manage any orders, stock, inventory - NOTHING! Just setup and promote and watch the orders flow in for us to fulfil for you!
  • Is there a subscription to pay for your services?
    Yes there is, a tiny one to keep your website connected to our order fulfilment software, we only charge £5 per month for this. There is no contract of minimum term, so if at any point you decide not to continue with your site any longer, then we will cancel this plan at the end of the month. As with your other payments to us, this will be setup on Direct Debit to make it easy to manage.
  • Do you create my website for me?
    Unfortunately not. Most of our clients either create themselves or have their own preferred web developer, however we are happy to help with any questions.
  • Is there any MOQ's to consider / What is an MOQ?
    We do not have any MOQ's (Minimum Order Quantities) for our drop shipping services, as you will be using our white label produced stock and so we can fulfil single orders at a time for you. No stock to pay for, no inventory going stale - just pay for what you sell! Simple.
  • How do I get started?
    That's an easy one, to get started with your drop shipping coffee business, simply click on the get started buttons on the dropshipping page and follow the process through to the sign-up form. All the information you need is on the website and we are happy to help you through each stage until you are live and selling!
  • Will I get support from 918 Coffee at all?
    100% - our goal is to make sure you are as well supported as we are physically able to. Once you are live and selling we will setup and communicate through a WhatsApp group and so you will be able to send us a message 24/7, see when it has been delivered and then see when we are replying. We value our real time support, and our customers feel the same.
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