TWO amazing NEW ways to protect the Environment & improve your CSR using Super Ethical Coffee...

Let's have a coffee and save the World

4 years ago - almost to the day, I had a debate with a customer in our shop about various ethical stances that different coffee companies adopt, some more meaningful than others. The debate focused mainly around the idea that the only worthy ethical coffee stories were about the country of origin and the organisations they were associated with - namely these were Rainforest Alliance, FairTrade Foundation & The Soil Association (all worthy causes in their own right). My opinion at the time was that whilst they do great work at source, there was very little being done at our own doorstep and that the vast amounts of waste being produced by this growing love for this beverage was being overlooked.

This set me on a mission to ensure our coffee became of the the most ethical coffees on the planet - for the planet. By developing groundbreaking roasting technologies and partnering with some great organisations with synergies in our business ethics we have forged two amazing new ethical benchmarks for coffee supply.


The first is Eco Roast Coffee - the culmination of nearly 4 years hard work developing a technology that harnesses the energy in Waste Coffee Grounds to roast batches of fresh coffee at the same time as diverting this precious resource from landfill.

This multi award winning technology is now fully commercially operational and we can roast up to 3 Tons of coffee per day using 100% coffee waste for our heat source! Diverting up to 1 ton of waste coffee grounds per week. A huge breakthrough in the fight against waste coffee grounds!

We are still developing the next generation machine, which is set to be even more energy efficient and with over double the capacity to allow us to take Eco Roast to the next level.

Working with other coffee companies and distributors is now allowing us to make this technology available to all, which is an essential part of our business plan. In order to make a great impact on the problem, we need a wider audience to adopt the technology.

To learn more about this technology, please visit WWW.ECO-ROAST.COM or call us on 0203 7458918.