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918 Coffee expands into Private Label Coffee scene in 2020

Back in September 2019 we took the decision to concentrate our efforts on higher volume private label coffee production and quickly realised we were going to need a little more technological help to stay ahead of the demand for our Eco Roasted coffee. Having already installed our VFFS machine, we also realised we would require a high volume machine that could cope with pre-made bags and so commissioned the production of this machine in October, knowing it would be around February before we saw it! How quickly those months flew by, and now we have almost signed off the installation and commissioning of our latest piece of equipment. THis machine now allows us to complete a full pallet of coffee in as little as 3 hours using one member of staff instead of 10 hours with 2-3 members of staff. With its multi head weighing capabilities, it can weigh, fill, seal and pack 120kg per hour! A big improvement! It will also soon be joined by another fully automated machine that will produce 2400 Nespresso Capsules per hour. More to follow on our expansion very soon...

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