SAVING TIME, MONEY, MESS & THE ENVIRONMENT from your coffee shop...

The KNOCK OUT BUDDY is on a mission to change the way we view used coffee grounds...

Sat in the office with the creators of the Knock Out Buddy with an A0 white board on the wall with the clear words...Lets get the Coffee Industry to ... and then in GIANT black letters "GIVE A PUCK" well as you can imagine, that set the tone pretty quickly, which was underpinned by the hashtag #CleverPuckers

We liked the provocative angles this casts and the simplicity of the design and functionality of the gadget, but most of all, the synergy with what we do here at Eco Roast.... The 'GIVE A PUCK' initiative is exactly whats required to get the coffee industry to start changing the way it views used coffee grounds. We want to support and promote the use of the Knock Out Buddy as it has such a broad range of benefits for all involved.

From their website :

"With a very welcome rise in the awareness of the need to recycle and re-purpose used coffee grounds from thousands of coffee outlets around the globe, it is becoming a more common practice to offer the coffee grounds back to the consumer, to be taken home and used in their own gardens. There are also a growing number of other more commercial schemes that look to recover the used coffee grounds from coffee shops to reprocess into new products such as soil conditioners, biomass fuel, bio diesel, flavourings, oils, mushroom substrate, essences, stains and many other products besides.

The Knock Out Buddy is a simple mechanical device by design to enable the discharge of used coffee waste from the portafilter (handle of an espresso machine) into a ‘coffee bag’ in a coffee shop style environment whilst simultaneously enabling specific advertising space and opportunity. The purpose of this gadget is to enable the operator the ability to offer used coffee grounds to their customers to take home (for use in their own gardens), or to return the used coffee grounds neatly in a sealed bag to a re-processor of used coffee grounds"

The Simplicity makes it so easy and intuitive to use...

The message is cool too...


Order yours ONLINE NOW

Please help us support the endeavours of


in their bid to significantly reduce coffee waste to landfill. Please share this message to everyone you think would 'Give a Puck'

They are also members of the Green Earth Appeal and £1 is donated for every Knock Out Buddy sold - which is pretty cool too!


P.S We can't wait for their clothing to become available, something about LCF??!!

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