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Working & Learning at 918

Apprenticeships in Coffee

Chanel & Statia from Team 918 ran a masterclass at Yeovil College for their business apprentices. They covered marketing, accounts, administration and a host of other activities which play a part within a busy growing organisation. Pictured right is Statia one of our very own 918 apprenticeship success story.

Statia on being an apprentice at 918...

‘I have really enjoyed being an apprentice. Since I started working for 918 my confidence has grown dramatically, I have gained key skills from my apprenticeship that I use now and will continue in the future.

When I started working for 918 I undertook tasks such as filing, serving customers drinks in our coffee shop in Gillingham and answered the phones for orders / I would pass on customer queries to my supervisor. Now I deal with all customer relations from start to finish (such as listening to the problem & resolving it) I also raise invoices for customer orders and distribute it to the production team, I also work alongside Chanel with the accounts (by doing this I allocate payments, take customer payments and put them through our card terminal, import supplier invoices to our accounting system, pay suppliers , book keeping & visit customers to do barista training). By working for a company that is fast developing this has enabled me to try new things like accounting, sales & customer relations

With my apprenticeship I started off with Level 2, then level 3 and soon hoping to take on Level 4 for Business administration. I feel that by doing this apprenticeship it has really extended my knowledge on how a business works and all policies & procedures that must be followed in order for the business to comply with the law, human resources & health & Safety. I am very glad that I decided to do this apprenticeship as I have gained a qualification, I have learnt the skills my job requires whilst working for the company which has made my job easier to undertake as I have the knowledge to call upon when the need arises & lifelong skills that will help me throughout my future career.’

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