We are turning up the heat guilt free!

We are turning up the heat! We are now heating the Roastery and our hot water with our thermal energy recovered waste, this includes coffee logs made from used coffee which would normally go to waste. We are also recovering the heat from our Eco Roast Coffee roaster to ensure nothing goes to waste. We are able to stop other items from the coffee roasting process ending up in landfill, we are using collected waste chaff from the coffee beans and using this in our super efficient gasification burner which is a whole new next level in burner technology.

The flames for a start go downwards which super heats the wood and this causes the wood to transform in to wood gas, this creates very high temperatures and very little smoke and making them achieve high efficiency ratings of near 80%.The benefit of all of this is we have a happy warm work force at little cost to the environment and our bin is shrinking.

We can also provide you with Eco Coffee Logs to burn in your own homes these are available from the 918 Roastery, £5 for 10kgs.

#ethicalcoffee #waste #cupwaste #greenearth #alternativefuel #coffeewaste

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