A gorgeous blend of some truly wonderful socially linked coffee projects. With deep crisp notes of Dark Berry, Roasted Hazelnut and Chocolate, this has an exotic taste profile which works incredibly well as an espresso, and can be enjoyed as a filter if you use a little less coffee than usual, try it as a cool filter or a cold brew!

Super Ethical - "The Bohemian"

Wholebean / Ground
  • "The Bohemian wears their heart on their sleeve.  They need to immerse themselves fully in the emotion of the moment in a way which is obvious to everyone around them.  They hate feeling constrained by rules which inhibit their behaviour, or by people who frown on their lack of inhibition, because they need to physically throw themselves into every experience which is pleasurable to them.

    Bohemians find their satisfaction in being free to be spontaneous, and to express themselves.  Of all the types, Bohemians are the most likely to be nomadic, not needing to ‘settle down’, which others may interpret as irresponsibility.

    Bohemians need to experience and share emotional connections with others, so they prefer group activities, especially ones with a sense of freedom, such as musical festivals, camping, road trips, or the beach, with a group of friends.

    Bohemians will be truly unhappy if they are in an environment where people are expected to conform to very disciplined or corporate ways of doing things.  They need some boundaries to prevent their inner wild child getting out of control, but they are capable of immense pleasure in the simple things of life, and of lasting and joyful friendships"

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