A beautifully light to medium roast from Brazil and Ugandan origins.  It has delicate flavour hints of chocolate, stoned fruit and praline which are sure to appeal to chocolate lovers who enjoy a hazelnut taste.  This blend works well as a latte or macchiato so you can experience the full flavours.


Ricco - "The Technician"

Wholebean / Ground
  • "The Technician is the person who loves to be busy, work methodically, and has good attention to detail.  They like to get everything into some kind of systematic order, whether it is physical things, or numbers on a spreadsheet.  They are very task-focused.

    The Technician can spend many hours at a time focused on detailed, technical processes that would drive many others a bit doolally.  Unlike the Creative, they don’t enjoy the process of creation or design from scratch.  They do, however, get their satisfaction from creating order out of chaos, especially where there is a large volume of details to be sorted, or observing and recording complexity to find underlying patterns.  They are perfectionists, and real sticklers for following procedures, taking their time, and getting the details right, which can frustrate others.  Technicians are frustrated by others cutting corners and not doing the job properly.

    Technicians tend to make good accountants, statisticians or anything involving lots of data, spreadsheets or forms.  They are the ones who are great at using formulas in Excel spreadsheets.  But they may also like hands-on tasks such as construction, craft, manufacturing, or laboratory work, or organising filing or their household stuff.

    Technicians tend to be introverts, who enjoy their own company as long as they have something constructive to focus on.   They work methodically and consistently, and don’t tend to make mistakes"

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