This well-balanced coffee has been lovingly created to produce a dark roasted blend that includes a variety of different single origins.  This gives the consumer a fruity lingering aftertaste and aroma.  This is an ideal beverage for the early riser who wants to get the most out of the day with a fruity awakening.

Opulence - "The Corporate"

Wholebean / Ground
  • "The Corporate gains their satisfaction by being part of a group of likeminded people who share common goals or interests, whether that is their family, their workplace, or a community group.  They need to feel that they are part of something important and something bigger than themselves.

    Corporates want to be doing something that they couldn’t do alone.  Corporates are unhappy if others are not pulling their weight or they bring disharmony and conflict to the group.  They are happiest when there is a great camaraderie within the team.

    Corporates tend to be easy-going, and appreciate the different values, skills and experiences that each individual brings to the group, and can see a place for people who others may try to exclude for being too different.

    Corporates build strong, long-lasting friendships, and usually have a group of close friends rather than one or two best friends. They are the type who are most likely to organise group outings, events or group holidays, because they don’t like to do things alone"

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