If you are a coffee drinker that likes a medium, well rounded drink, this is the choice for you.  Being our most popular blend, this coffee never fails to impress and ensnare peoples’ senses.  With a mixture of single origins and flavours, you cannot go wrong!


Luxury Artisan "The Provider"

Wholebean / Ground
  • "The Provider gets their satisfaction from making other people happy, especially their own partner and children.  Providers make the best stay-at-home parent, because they get satisfaction out of creating a happy home environment.  They may have a soft spot for animals, children and people in need.  They like to fuss around people and look after them.  When providers have jobs, they tend to be jobs that mimic the home-making parent role, such as teaching, catering, health or social care, pastoral roles, or jobs caring for animals.  They tend to like job security.  Providers are often good cooks, and have good DIY skills.  Providers are peacemakers.  They like to maintain happy, stable and calm home and office environments, and are quick to mediate any disputes, because they are at their happiest when the people around them are happy and content"

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