A true coffee inspired by Italy and its’ refined flavours.  You will experience a delicately blended identity which gives the consumer a smooth and crisp taste with flavours of citrus and spices.  For anyone looking to help boost their creative mind this is the coffee blend for you.

Italiano - "The Creative"

Wholebean / Ground
  • "The Creative is someone who gets their satisfaction out of imagining things and then making what they have imagined a reality.  For example, they may be an artist who gets images down on paper or canvas, a writer who gets words onto the page, a choreographer who creates a beautiful dance, or an architect who delivers an aesthetically pleasing combination of structure and materials that sits well in the landscape.  They are also idea generators and problem solvers, and their creative process may equally apply to less tangible things such as conflict management or turning around failing businesses.

    Creatives take great satisfaction from the process of creation, of imagining something and then implementing it in a way which accurately reflects what they saw in their mind. They like the evolution from idea to reality, and greatly appreciate the aesthetic qualities of the finished product. Creatives are their own worst critics when the actual doesn’t match up to the imagined.

    Creatives prefer to work solo.  They tend to lock themselves away, in their own minds if not literally in a quiet space, and they are at their most satisfied when they get into a creative flow.  The creative process is more fulfilling to them than the reaction of others to their work"

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