Let’s be Honest, this is a great ethical coffee, with 100% of its origins being Fairtrade certified.

It has been carefully blended and dark roasted, which delivers subtle notes of sweet treacle, redwood and bourbon giving the consumer a sweet, heavy bodied and rich taste.  With a variety of 100% Fairtrade single origins coming together from Peru, Nicaragua, Brazil and Colombia, these all contribute to make an ethical and unique tasting coffee. 

Honest - "The Socialite"

Wholebean / Ground
  • "The Socialite is a people-person who gets their satisfaction from interactions with a wide variety of people.  They get excited about meeting new people and finding out new and interesting things about people.  Socialites, more than any other lifestyle type, know how to very quickly get past superficial chit-chat, to learn what people really think and feel and believe.  Their knowledge of people is deep, insightful and meaningful, and knowing people that well is what gives them a sense of satisfaction.

    Socialites may be extroverts, mingling in big crowds like a kid in a candy store, or introverts, investing in lots of deep friendships on a 1:1 basis.

    Socialites will go stir crazy if they are stuck in a job which doesn’t involve people contact, or more specifically where they can’t have meaningful conversations with people.  Socialites tend to give generously of their time where it is an investment in getting to know and understand people and fosters connections"

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