A well balanced coffee with notes of Dark Cocoa, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Fudge. Rounded acidity and a depth of body. This coffee works really well with small volumes of milk such as a flat white. It is also at home as a rugged black filter coffee.




Eden - "The Nature Lover"

Wholebean / Ground
  • "The Nature-Lover is someone who finds their satisfaction in appreciating and feeling connected to the beauty of the natural world.  They love to be outdoors in the fresh air, soaking up the wonders of nature.  They appreciate the aesthetic qualities of nature – the textures, the colours, the scents and sights, and this is often reflected in their clothing, their homes, and their diet.  They are fascinated by the patterns and intricate details of plants, animals, insects, trees, clouds, and rocks.  They love to collect natural artefacts such as shells, stones, fossils, insects.

    The Nature-Lover feels most at home in natural, earthy clothing such as wool, suede, cotton and linen.  Of all the types, the Nature-Lover is most likely to be described by the people who know them as a ‘hippie’, a ‘tree-hugger’, or for women, an ‘earth mother’.  Nature-Lovers are usually animal lovers, and the type most likely to have pets.

    Nature-Lovers are also more inclined than the other types to appreciate natural, organic food, and to be vegetarian, vegan or organic.  Nature-Lovers are often fiercely principled about protecting what is natural and rejecting what is unnatural, and don’t always understand why others don’t share their concerns.  They are the most likely to live ‘alternative’ lifestyles, rejecting a lot of the trappings of modern society such as technology, chemicals, processed foods and synthetic materials"

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