A beautifully light roasted coffee from Central and South America with notes of Caramel, Cedarwood & Plum. Blended and roasted by hand by our expert coffee roasters to deliver an exciting blend for the intrepid adventurer in you.

Dolce Crema - "The Adventurer"

Wholebean / Ground
  • "The Adventurer gets their satisfaction from memorable experiences, which usually involve some combination of travel, being in the great outdoors and the natural elements, exploring, learning, experiencing new or foreign things, and physically active pursuits.

    Adventurers love to experience anything which gives them an adrenalin rush, a sense of freedom, or heightened sensory stimulation.  They are brave and curious, and not afraid to try new things.  They are competitive, but not necessarily against others, as they may see themselves as their own competition, having to beat their own high standards and set their own challenges.

    Adventurers are also day dreamers.  They live in their own imaginary world of the next exciting adventure.

    Adventurers hate to get stuck in a routine.  They relish change and adapt more easily than other types"

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