An amazing coffee from one of our growing partners in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. It is a typically medium roasted Brazil which harbours amazing flavours of Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Caramel in the finish. This coffee works really well as both espresso and as a fresh filter coffee.


We trade directly with the owner (Danillo Barbossa) for this coffee and this helps us to ensure we have paid a fair price directly to the grower as well as understanding far more of its provenance. These factors allow the drinker to know they are doing their bit to make the planet a more sustainable place to live and work.

Direct Trade - "The Activist"

Wholebean / Ground
  • "The Activist is someone who must have a cause to believe in and fight for.  They need to feel that they are making a difference in the world, and that they are leaving a legacy, leaving the world a better place than they found it.

    The Activist is someone who has a very deep emotional response to injustice, inequality, need or wrongdoing.  They also believe strongly in the ability of people to make a difference by banding together to take collective action.

    Activists often don’t understand why other people don’t feel as strongly as they do about their cause, and they can become very frustrated if they can’t find a core group of likeminded people who share their passion.

    When Activists work with other people who complement their skills to help them make a powerful case that wins people over to their cause, and collectively gets things done, they can have a big impact and be very inspirational.  Importantly, it is not the scale of the practical or material difference they make in the world that matters so much as the satisfaction of finding people who understand and respond to their passion, either as colleagues or as grateful beneficiaries.  It is the shared sense of achievement which gives the Activist most sense of fulfilment and meaning"

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