A soft and flavoursome coffee, calling on the combined flavours of its origins to produce a well proportioned coffee displaying chocolatey aromas and flavours in the foretaste alongside a more savoury and smoky backdrop. Finishes in a cedarwood/redbush linger. A great espresso based coffee and a super smooth filter at all temperatures. Traits and characteristics not unlike the academic, a quietly understated coffee, leaving you asking questions and wanting more.




Crema Ricca- "The Academic"

Wholebean / Ground
  • "The Academic has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and learning.  They get their satisfaction from language-based activity (reading; writing; and the sharing of ideas), or from abstract, mathematical or scientific concepts and theories.  Academics communicate best in writing, because they need to see things in words, numbers, equations or symbols on the page to really absorb, understand and develop ideas.

    Academics are avid readers, mostly of non-fiction because of the pleasure of learning something.  They are usually very emotionally invested in their typically large book collection.  The Academic is usually an introvert, who lives vicariously through their own imagination.  They may not be comfortable in large social gatherings, stereotypically preferring to be at home with a good book.

    When Academics do socialise, they prefer forums which foster the sharing of ideas, knowledge and understanding, such as classes or conferences.  It is eminently satisfying to an Academic to be able to write, edit and re-craft their work until it most accurately captures and communicates their ideas.  The process of crafting the written work is usually what is most satisfying.  Academics will be frustrated at being asked to come up with ideas or answers on the spot, and will lie awake at night perfecting the wording of what they should have said, long after the opportunity has gone"

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