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End of life solution for our trade coffee packs...

A new material for our trade coffee packs means a far better end of life solution.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our products and services, in 2021 we introduced the bulk coffee tubs as a solution for reducing waste packaging for our trade coffee customers. Whilst this solution was perfect for the collection of waste coffee grounds from our customers, it was not quite as straight forward for fresh coffee beans and so in 2022 we withdrew these and reverted to the original kraft aluminium lined bags until we found a better alterative solution that offered a high barrier lining property and an aesthetic that was sympathetic to the look and feel of our product range.

Roll forwards 6 months and we have now started packing our eco roasted coffees into our new 100% fully recyclable kraft look side gusset bags for our trade customers. Once they have poured out the zero waste eco roasted coffee they will be able to put straight into their own recycling bins ready to be recycled by their local authority.

Offering a full barrier lining to ensure they keep our coffee fresh, a great kraft look and fully recyclable now means our trade packaging has the same great ethics as the product they contain!

So, if your next coffee order arrives with a very slightly different looking bag, chances are that if you turn it over you will see the recyclable logo! This LDPE (Low Density Poly Ethelene) product can easily be recycled and will not end up in landfill as it's destiny is to become a new recycled plastic product in the future, giving it an extended end of life.

We trust you will approve of our new trade solution and welcome you in promoting this onto your own social media channels if you align with our thought process!

Rest assured we are also looking for new clever solutions for our retail products also, however we are not quite there yet. Watch this space!

Always innovating and improving for you...

918 Coffee Team

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