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Green Motion by Eco Roaster

So after the successful launch of Eco Roast technology, which ensures your freshly roasted coffee has the very highest green credentials, we turned our attention to the day to day operation of our Roastery - how could we improve the eco credentials of the Day to Day ? We have begun larger and more local delivery routes in 2017 and also have our newly appointed sales director on the road and so one of the obvious places to look was at our vehicle situation. Albeit a very small fleet, still a worthwhile practice looking at its carbon contribution!

The obvious solution was to switch to a greener fuel source and as we are yet to be able to run our vehicles on coffee alone, we opted for electric! We are now pleased to report that we are the proud owners of 1 hybrid sales vehicle (Vauxhall Ampera) and a new Fully electric delivery van (Nissan ENV200).

Combined these vehicles will save us both money in fuel and a huge amount of carbon output. Making our operation even greener!

We have even gone to the length of having a public charge point fitted to the Roastery, where we can then allow customers and visitors alike to plug in and charge their vehicles whilst enjoying some of the most responsible coffees in the world!

This is just one initiative we have now implemented to support our greener way of thinking and we will be reporting on our initiatives and practices we are/have adopted in more blogs to follow!

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