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When people use the term CFC, it is not normally in a positive environmental discussion - however 918 Coffee are about to change all that, because to us CFC means Carbon Free Coffee, which is incredibly good for the environment!

Thanks to a great partnership between 918 Coffee Co and Sustainably Run, we have developed a new initiative for our customers to participate and contribute to a more sustainable world. 

The scheme is simple and effective, for every box of Carbon Free Coffee we sell, a donation will be made in your name to Sustainably Run, which will allow them to plant a fruit tree in one of their projects across the developing world.
This has a two fold impact on the planet:

1. For every tree planted there is 1 ton of Carbon Sequestered in its lifetime, it is calculated that a single cup of coffee produces 59g of carbon in its life from Crop to Cup, which equates to 4.5kg of carbon per 1kg Pack of Coffee, which equates to 26.5kg of carbon produced for each case of 6 x 1kg! Therefore for every case sold 1000kg of carbon is sequestered - making this purchase significantly carbon positive! What will you do with your spare 973.5kg?

2. Every time a fruit tree is planted, we are providing a lifeline to a community. A sustainable harvest that provides on a number of levels. A simple fruit tree to us - so much more to them:
A vital source of sustainable food,
A rich source of vitamins,
A community project,
Agricultural employment,
Much needed shade,
A playground,
A sanctuary!

Learn more about the valuable work that Sustainably Run are doing here


This is such a great scheme, and we think it fits perfectly with our Eco Roast credentials - we now need you to support the scheme by switching to Carbon Free Coffee from 918 Coffee Co
Thank you for your support

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